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point_your_gun's Journal

BANG_BANG.. We've Got Perfect Aim
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All Members , Moderated

...THE RULES... Point Your Gun In This Direction...

title or description

This is not a voting community based solely on looks; it's a nice blend of the_cuties&indiefucks

This is a place to talk about music, dope shows you've seen, cool things, and random garble...anything goes once you're in

Check it...

1_Break any of these rules, and you'll be banned. BANG BANG... we have perfect aim... watch out bitches.

2_For your 1st post: complete the survey and wait for votes to come in. Host your pictures (we suggest Snapfish.com), and use a lj-cut . You'll be voted on by the accepted members, a mod will tally up the votes and if we stamp you, you can post and vote.

3_You may comment back in your 1st post, but you may NOT comment on any other post but your own until you are stamped.

4_You may edit your picture/post whenever you need to (in some cases an accepted member will ask you to post more pictures or add more details to a part of the survey)... you MAY go back and edit, but do NOT alter your survey to please anyone, we want to like who you are... not who you think we want you to be.

6_If you attempt to bash eachother/the community you will simply be deleted and banned. BANG BANG.

7_Please post as soon as you join and after you're accepted try to be a frequent poster/voter; if you're stamped... we like you... stick around.

8_If you are rejected and want to try again with a better pic/more accurate survey... ask a mod and we MIGHT let you re-post; don't do so without permission.

9_If you are rejected, please leave the community.

10_Say what you want, be who you are, and don't give any sympathy to anyone. BANG BANG... get perfect aim.

Once You Are Accepted...

1_Text posts are allowed, no problem. We don't need to see your mug everytime you want to post in the community, but we don't mind photos of any kind. If you're gonna post more than one though, put those under a lj-cut.

2_Try not to post more than five times a week, this isn't your personal journal; if a mod gets sick of your all.too.frequent posts, we'll warn you and possibly delete a post. If you continue to post too often, we'll ban you. BANG_BANG.


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Description of yourself:
5. Where did you hear of our community?

_Top Five_
1. Bands:
2. Singer/songwriters:
3. Movies:
4. Books:
5. Songs:
6. Things you notice first in your preference of male/female:
7. Items you own:

1. Weapon of choice:
2. Your hero(why):
3. If you were stuck in an ally with an alien oozing puss, a monkey with a purple/red/green rash on it's face, and a fat redneck drenched in beer,sweat, and oil; who would u make out with to get out(why)?:
4. Alias of choice:
5. Who is hotter: Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny(why)?:
6. If u had to glue sequins or banana peels all over your body which would your rather(why)?:
7. Who would you trust more: Charles Manson or Marilyn Manson(why)?:
8. If you could be any animal, which would you be(why)?:
9. Fantasy of any kind:
10. Something about you no one knows:
11. Best day/experience of your life so far:
12. Anything random/extra you'd like to add:
13. Picture of yourself:

~*Your Mods*~
crimson_shade lecodiapatia toastedbagel