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1. Name:Amber
2. Age: 16
3. Location: A hole in the wall
4. Description of yourself: I like to think i have a good head on my shoulders.
5. Where did you hear of our community? I typed in an lj search for communities that had "Thom yorke" in there interests.

_Top Five_
1. Bands: Radiohead. Incubus. Bob Marley & The Wailers. Flogging Molly. Slipknot.
2. Singer/songwriters: Bjork. Beck. Marilyn Manson. Janis Joplin. Tom jones.
3. Movies: The Crow. A clockwork Orange. Edward Scissorhands. Raggedy ann & andy. the red balloon.
4. Books:no logo, the giving tree, the loser, my world of dreams, ....winnie the pooh
5. Songs: too many to choose only 5.
6. Things you notice first in your preference of male/female:eyes, hair, clothes, smell, height.
7. Items you own: sketch book, journal, piano, books, bed.
1. Weapon of choice: a crudley fashioned spork.
2. Your hero(why): Thom yorke ....cause he said so "I'm your superhero" - Lucky.
3. If you were stuck in an ally with an alien oozing puss, a monkey with a purple/red/green rash on it's face, and a fat redneck drenched in beer,sweat, and oil; who would u make out with to get out(why)?:... i wouldnt. i'd turn around and get out the way  came in.
4. Alias of choice:
5. Who is hotter: Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny(why)?:neither...Fry from futurama man!
6. If u had to glue sequins or banana peels all over your body which would your rather(why)?:sequins. they're sparkly.
7. Who would you trust more: Charles Manson or Marilyn Manson(why)?:marilyn manson. he's not the type to stare you down and give you the chills. well,thats the way i feel, anyway.
8. If you could be any animal, which would you be(why)?: I'd be a bird. so i could peck out the eyes of my enemies.
9. Fantasy of any kind:me.thom yorke. bed. nuff said.
10. Something about you no one knows:i hate peas.
11. Best day/experience of your life so far:i havent had a "best day" yet.
12. Anything random/extra you'd like to add: no thanks, im good.
13. Picture of yourself:

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