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1. Weapon of choice: these hips because they were made for dancing
2. Your hero(why): enrique iglesias. no not really. he just came to mind first because of that song. im not sure who my hero would be. perhaps the higher being that brought me here.
3. If you were stuck in an ally with an alien oozing puss, a monkey with a purple/red/green rash on it's face, and a fat redneck drenched in beer,sweat, and oil; who would u make out with to get out(why)?: the alien so we could fly to uranus
4. Alias of choice: conor oberst
5. Who is hotter: Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny(why)?: mickey mouse because he gets minnie
6. If u had to glue sequins or banana peels all over your body which would your rather(why)?: banana peels because everyone uses sequins and banana peels might be hot.
7. Who would you trust more: Charles Manson or Marilyn Manson(why)?: marilyn manson because although he is a freak he isnt a mass murderer.
8. If you could be any animal, which would you be(why)?: a dinosaur and im not sure why
9. Fantasy of any kind: flying around the world, making sweet love, nudist colonies with beautiful people in them...and living in one.
10. Something about you no one knows: i dance in front of the mirror when im alone to at the drive in.
11. Best day/experience of your life so far: when i went to las vegas with my best friend and we walked around the strip at one o clock being stared at by prostitutes and homeless people. then walking back in the hotel and going to sit in the food court and seeing two beautiful guys kiss. then walking up stairs to realize we were locked out and would have to wait until someone got back to the room. i dont was just fun.
12. Anything random/extra you'd like to add: uhm, i am fifteen. my favorite bands are bright eyes, alexisonfire, the bled, red light sting, yeah yeah yeahs, the faint and many more. i really like the movie harriet the spy, traffic, igby goes down, and zoolander. and i like to write.
13. Picture of yourself:

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