her phobia is infection, she needs one to survive (celluloidbeauty) wrote in point_your_gun,
her phobia is infection, she needs one to survive

1. Name: Michele, with one l
2. Age: 16
3. Location: man oh man. Lakewood. 4 miles away from compton. ::shudders::
4. Description of yourself: physically? blue eyes, reddish brown hair that's been dyed WAY too much, about 5'6". personally? just a playful sorta gal
5. Where did you hear of our community? i was searching in my interests list, i believe under billie holiday, but i can't remember.

_Top Five_
1. Bands: yeah yeah yeahs, x-ray spex, sex pistols, the velvet underground, the beatles
2. Singer/songwriters: billie holiday, patricia (from the horrorpops, because i ran out of room on bands), robert smith, john lennon, the guy from the dandy warhols (i can't remember his name! agh!)
3. Movies: me without you, sid & nancy, filth & the fury, peter pan, clambake (yes, i am an undercover elvis movie fan.)
4. Books: white oleander, lovely bones, she's come undone, memoirs of a geisha, speak (sooooo good, read them all!)
5. Songs: "we used to be friends" dandy warhols; "summertime" billie holiday; "molly's chambers" kings of leon; "michelle" the beatles; "stairway to heaven" led zeppelin
6. Things you notice first in your preference of male/female: eyes, hair, butt, shoes, perhaps the bulge
7. Items you own: turquoise ring, purple suede moccasins (very awesome), my car, giraffe pen, and cd collection

1. Weapon of choice: a swift punch to the toe, or a gunshot to the face
2. Your hero(why): uh oh. i've never really had an answer to this question. maybe...salvador dali. because he can paint what i feel.
3. If you were stuck in an ally with an alien oozing puss, a monkey with a purple/red/green rash on it's face, and a fat redneck drenched in beer,sweat, and oil; who would u make out with to get out(why)?: interesting question. maybe the... alien? because showers are wonderful...?
4. Alias of choice: Mick
5. Who is hotter: Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny(why)?: Bugs, cause he'd do it like a rabbit
6. If u had to glue sequins or banana peels all over your body which would your rather(why)?: sequins, because banana peels rot and smell.
7. Who would you trust more: Charles Manson or Marilyn Manson(why)?: marilyn manson doesn't exactly have the record of death and killings and whatnot, so i'll go with the latter.
8. If you could be any animal, which would you be(why)?: giraffes, so if someone says "how's the weather up there?" i could sit on that fool
9. Fantasy of any kind: living in a park with a constant supply of lemonade and crazy straws.
10. Something about you no one knows: my first concert was shania twain...and it was me who actually wanted to go
11. Best day/experience of your life so far: singing with my sister to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and i had loooong hair so i'd headbang...it really was fun.
12. Anything random/extra you'd like to add: nothing in particular
13. Picture of yourself:

sorry it's a little blurry, but a friend took that picture into a mirror.

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