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i'm bored, so what the hell

1. Name:diana
2. Age:18
3. Location: sayreville, nj
4. Description of yourself:shy, tall, music loving [does that count?] bored.
5. Where did you hear of our community? i was looking up the ventures in interests

_Top Five_
1. Bands: braid, the postal service, ladytron, yo la tengo, azure ray
2. Singer/songwriters:conor oberst, elvis costello, bob nanna,orenda fink/maria taylor, tim kasher
3. Movies:american beauty, girl, interrupted,amelie, ghost world, seven
4. Books: lovely bones-alice sebold,waiting period-hubert selby,jr,1984-george orwell, the perks of being a wallflower-Stephen Chbosky,a clockwork orange-anthony burgess
5. Songs: at the moment, i'd have to go with this place is a prison-the postal service,a certain cemetary- pretty girls make graves, after the movies-cursive,i'm afraid of everything-braid, i set my face to the hillside- tortoise
6. Things you notice first in your preference of male/female: eyes, arm veins, teeth/smile, intelligence, overall style
7. Items you own: cds, cd player[s], guitar,computer,camera[s]

1. Weapon of choice:hmm.. wit.
2. Your hero(why):
3. If you were stuck in an ally with an alien oozing puss, a monkey with a purple/red/green rash on it's face, and a fat redneck drenched in beer,sweat, and oil; who would u make out with to get out(why)?:the alien. it would probably be the most intelligent and maybe the puss would hold some secrets more advanced than humans have come across and then they'd be transmitted to me. if not, no one would ever believe it happened anyway.
4. Alias of choice:the one that isn't so shy
5. Who is hotter: Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny(why)?: i'll have to go with bugs bunny- it's just something about those tall ears and that grey, slender body
6. If u had to glue sequins or banana peels all over your body which would your rather(why)?:sequins. i'd amuse myself by making designs using different colors.
7. Who would you trust more: Charles Manson or Marilyn Manson(why)?:i think marilyn manson. he'd probably be a more stimulating conversationalist and beyond that, i think i'd be afraid of letting charles manson know too much about me. and who wouldnt trust a man who has a woman suit. it's very jame gumb[sp? from silence of the lambs] of him...
8. If you could be any animal, which would you be(why)?:a dolphin. they're graceful and powerful. and it would just be fun to swim around all day with friends
9. Fantasy of any kind: having power over people would be pretty fun. and knowing i could get away with anything because of that.
10. Something about you no one knows: theres a lot of things about me that no one knows, but if i wrote them here, people would know. thus defeating the purpose of keeping them secret in the first place.
11. Best day/experience of your life so far: being at the saddle-creek showcase thing at irving plaza last year. not only was the music excellent, but the bonds and comradery of everyone on the stage was amazing and that was reflected to and felt throughout the crowd. it sort of renewed my faith in people.
12. Anything random/extra you'd like to add:i can touch any part of my back,i can twist my arm around all the way, i play guitar, and umm i'm not good at filling out surveys.
13. Picture of yourself:

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